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 You might discover yourself here today because the ways that you’ve been relating and responding to life’s challenges aren’t working. Most often, people look towards therapy when their experiences in managing pain start to impact the things they care about. Humans are both hardwired to suffer and hardwired to avoid it and sometimes our best attempt to cope with a problem makes it worse. But this suffering is also the call to change, the catalyst, the creative hopelessness that becomes the willingness to do the difficult work of therapy. I am humbled by your capacity to listen to the courageous and intuitive parts of yourself that long to explore and to heal and look forward to being a part of your journey. 


Liz is a New Jersey and Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor with a decade of diverse clinical experience working with children, teens, and adults in a variety of settings, including community, in-home, and outpatient services. Liz graduated from LaSalle University in 2013 with an M.A. in Clinical Counseling Psychology. Her style and intervention are informed by acceptance, mindfulness and trauma-informed modalities and are inherently existential in that the work of therapy is driven by that which matters most to her clients. Liz utilizes a brain-body approach to growth and healing and interweaves acceptance and mindfulness-based technique (ACT, CFT, MBSR) into the powerful and innovative science of Brainspotting. Research supports that the brain, when accessed more deeply, has the power to heal itself and that rooted deep within us is the human capacity for resilience, transcendence, and post-traumatic growth. A large part of your journey with Liz will be learning how to tap into your inner wisdom, creativity, and resources. Liz brings compassion, humor, and authenticity into her interactions with clients and is continually motivated and amazed by her client’s willingness and vulnerability and inherent ability to know what they need to heal. Outside of being a therapy nerd, Liz enjoys spending time with the people she loves and has a strong taste for fun, adventure, and coffee and believes that sometimes a good cookie can be as therapeutic as counseling.

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Early in her career, Liz had the great privilege of working with the poor and homeless and those struggling with severe and persistent mental illness in Atlantic City, NJ. Most of her clients suffered from deep layers of trauma and emotional wounding and many found themselves alienated by the communities they lived in. Liz’s experiences connecting with her early clients in their suffering was profound and transformational and cemented her understanding that fundamental to change is the need to be truly seen, accepted, and valued. Liz believes this to be the foundation of therapy and that the client-therapist relationship has the power to heal. Liz’s mission at The HEARTh Space is for each of her clients to experience belonging and to cultivate a space that is warm, organic, and safe to explore from. Her hope is that the space you create together allows you to access and reacquaint yourself with the deepest regions of your heart and unearth the values that define you.

"Once you realize you 
are the ocean, you're not
afraid of the waves"

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"Growing up with a parent with borderline personality disorder shaped who I am in a lot of ways. I am so lucky to have found Liz who has helped me understand the anxiety and complex trauma I have carried with me all of these years - to acknowledge it, to lovingly accept it, and to actively cope in much healthier ways than simply avoiding the dark and uncomfortable! Liz's compassionate and mindful approach to therapy and her vast experience with personality disorders, trauma, and attachment issues allow her to empathize with the complicated feelings I struggle with every day and with each session I have taken away so many valuable lessons, actionable techniques, and interventions that I still use daily. Liz doesn't just help me confront my most uncomfortable thoughts and feelings - she does so with warmth, nurturing support, and of course with many shared smiles and laughs along the way. I couldn't be more grateful!"



"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu. Life is a journey,. To find a good therapist is good. To find a great therapist, who rests in the space between a friend and an earth angel, can be life transforming. A great therapist is who I have found in Liz Gavlick. She is kind, non judgmental, and a great listener. She creates a gentle space to allow openness, reflection, and growth. She is especially helpful in guiding you in recognizing, voicing, and releasing your trauma. She is certified in brainspotting which uses your eyes and emotional recall to heal trauma. Investing your time in Liz in investing in your own self-healing and growth. This investment is worth every moment."



"The therapist/client relationship is unlike any other. Our life experiences and traumas are being shared with a relative unknown. It takes bravery to open up, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I had a great trepidation when I first met Liz. I had two very unprofessional therapists in my past and they left me wounded to the idea of pursuing counseling again. But I knew I needed to try again. The burdens of life were overwhelming, and the responsibility to help friends and family were, at times, crushing. Now we speed ahead 2 years and I have found inner peace. I have learned so much about myself while working with Liz and it's because we both show up to each session ready to talk, listen, share, and learn. Liz is safe and encouraging. I am comfortable both crying and laughing, knowing that Liz is truly interested in my betterment. Liz has a large knowledge base of human behavior, and many years of experience. I look forward to our sessions and to know that they level of trust we have for each other is real."



"Working with Liz as my therapist has been a transformative experience. From the very beginning, Liz made me feel comfortable about opening up and sharing my struggles. She is compassionate and empathetic; she immediately made me feel at ease. What really sets Liz apart is that she is genuinely dedicated and committed to my growth and well-being. She listens attentively and gives me a fresh perspective on things. She helps me make positive changes and has been instrumental in my journey towards a happier and healthier life. I highly recommend Liz to anyone that is seeking a skilled and compassionate therapist. Liz has made a profound impact on my quality of life and my well-being, and I am incredibly grateful for her guidance and support. "



"I have been in therapy on and off for the past 20 years. I have never had a connection with a therapist like I do with Liz. My life has completely changed in the past 2 years solely due to the work I've done with her. When I started with Liz, I didn't like myself, but I didn't even know that. The changes I've made within myself have made me the happiest and most at peace with myself than I have ever been. Liz understood where I was when I started and met me there. The work I've put in has been hard, but I know that Liz is there to support me and that our sessions are a safe place for me to grow. She has truly changed my life."



"When I met Liz, I was dealing with years of traumatic events that had been compounded by brain injury and traumatic death in the family. I just wasn't able to process it. As I learned about brain-spotting and worked through many topics with Liz, I truly felt such a weight lifted off of me. I'm task oriented and responded well to being able to "do something" about what I was dealing with. I felt like I had more control of my responses to situations. Liz is kind and relatable. She was able to comfort me, encourage me, and even laugh with me during my sessions. I am blessed to have worked with Liz!"



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Serving New Jersey & Pennsylvania | Phone (609) 425-3342 | Email:

Serving New Jersey & Pennsylvania Phone: (609) 425-3342

Providing a safe space for health, wellness and renewal.

Providing sanctuary for healing, wellness and renewal.